Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creating Excitement through a Detailed Resume

Creating excitement and interest from your resume readers is one of the sure fire ways to stand out from the heaps of generic resumes that employers go through on the daily basis. One the best ways to create excitement is to be specific about your accomplishments and to supply ample details about those accomplishments. Take for example:

I’ve played tennis in the past


I’ve played tennis in the past, with Roger Federer, in front of the Queen of England, at Wimbledon.

That’s much more interesting and exciting ! Now to be fair, that is an extreme example and I am sure if anybody had those qualifications, they would make sure to list it in detail. But, the point is that specifics and details breathes life into an often dreary list of accomplishments and it creates a much more vivid picture of who you are and what you can do for their organization. Let’s examine a more realistic example:

Experienced Network administrator responsible for maintaining computer hardware and software.


Experienced Network Administrator responsible for implementing Microsoft’s SharePoint software platform, allowing companywide collaborative web publishing under a single server.

The second description provides a much better idea to employers what this person actually did at their previous job and makes the perspective job applicant seem like a real person rather than just words on a paper. So, take a closer look at your accomplishments and figure out how you can add some specifics and details to your accomplishments to get employers genuine interested and excited about you. Hopefully that interest and excitement can translate to a successful job interview.

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