Monday, June 28, 2010

Resumes as Liabilities

The sad fact that medium/big sized organizations usually receive thousands of resumes competing for a single position, usually means that your resume will not be reviewed by the hiring manger, rather a junior staff member from the HR department, or even worse, a computer program will be examining your carefully planned resume. The task of reviewing a mountain of resumes will not be met with great joy, rather the junior staff member who is stuck with this job will find any reason to quickly reject your resume so that he can quickly dwindle down the great stack. This means the slightest error (spelling, grammar , etc ) will result in your resume being abandoned into the forgotten abyss of the waste basket.

Don’t be na├»ve to think that resume reviewers will give you the benefit of the doubt. When you scan your resume and come across any sections that has you thinking “well he should know what I mean” / “it’s obvious what I mean here”, quickly rewrite that section so that even a three year old can understand what you mean. Think about it, if your resume is the 349th resume that day that somebody had to read, they won’t take the extra second to pause and think “hmmm what does this person mean here ?” , rather they will be thinking “next !”.

So don’t give reviewers this opportunity ! Dot your I’s and cross those T, take the extra time to carefully scan your resume and recruit a few trust worthy people to cross examine your resume to make sure that no silly mistakes exist. Reading your resume out loud will also help you spot some common grammatical errors. Creating a successfully resume can take hours of hard work and careful thought, so don’t let these tiny mistakes undo you.

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