Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grim future for new graduates

New graduates in the coming year, like myself, are faced with an ugly job market unseen in decades. True, the dot com bust of the 2000’s created large scale job lost, but that was mainly concentrated in the tech sector. Currently, new graduates are facing a tidal wave of unemployed workers from the recent recession , many which have more experience and qualifications then us new graduates, and as each semesters passes another new crop of graduates will enter the job market to compete with the already dry job market. Let’s not forget that the current recession has created an ever more competitive environment for businesses and as a result they are tightening up their purses and looking for the cheapest skilled labor they can find. Usual that means outsourcing as much as they can to citizens of developing countries who are willing to work pennies on the dollar. Not too long ago, a new graduate with a shiny new degree from a reputable institution, graduated with a sense of excitement and the feeling that they can conquer the business world. Those days seem to be in the past, the distant past.

So what is a new graduate suppose to do given such a competitive job market ? Having good contacts and networking has always been the safest bet to landing that cushy job, but that is not always an option. Usually the first contact employers have with a potential applicant is through their resume, so it has become more crucial than ever to develop a AAA resume that catches people’s attention and holds it. Trying to land the dream job with a generic and obvious template created resume will not work when employers are swamped with hundreds of similar looking resume ( come to think about it, I’m not sure it has ever worked). I created this blog, in hopes to share with my fellow new graduates any techniques I learn and come by in the area of resume creation, so that we can all land that dream job we have been imaging during late night cram sessions. If not a dream job, hopefully something half decent so that we can begin to pay down that student loan !

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