Saturday, July 3, 2010

5 Words to Motivate Employers to Hire You

Here are 5 words that will make an impact in your potential employer’s minds and are almost universal to all industries.  These words give employers reasons to hire you over the next guy and answer the question of “what do you exactly bring to the firm?” 

1.    Revenue Generator: All firms love to hear that you have generated revenue for your past employers, so highlight any revenue you have made for you past firms. You can state the amount generated as a %, if the amount is numerically small, but high relative to the firms overall revenue. This is most applicable if you have worked for small businesses in the past. The reverse if often true, if you have worked in a large corporation , the amount of revenue you have generated for your large employer may be small in % terms , but large in numerical terms, so list it in numerical terms.

2.    Saved Money: Saving money is one half of the profit equation, so this is an attractive point to mention in your resume. Once again, list the amount saved for your previous firm in the most impactful way, either numerical or in % terms. Make sure to be explicit on how you have actually saved money for your previous firms. Mention the fact that you have found a more cost effective overseas vendor or how you implemented a more efficient inventory management system for your previous firms.

3.    Expanded into New Markets: Expanding into new markets is different from generating revenue, you can generate additional revenue from sucking dry the existing market that your firm is in, but how sustainable it future growth ? By listing how you have helped your previous firms expand into new markets, shows that you have experience in offering sustainable growth to the firms you work for. Sustainable growth is even more important to private firms who are not pressured by shareholders for quarterly growth and can cast a long term view when making business decisions.

4.    Built Strategic Relationships: Strategic Relationships have become crucial in the modern interconnected global economy. Strategic relationships can translate into important competitive advantages and by listing explicitly what relationships you have built and how you have built them, is extremely attractive to employers. Employers love to know you can be an ambassador for the firm and can conduct yourself properly in a social setting. Not everyone has the personality that can allow them to network easily and this maybe just the edge you need over the next guy.

5.    Improved Public Image: Information travels at a blistering pace in the current business environment and employers are concerned about how the public perceives their firm. Just ask BP. So an employee that can handle the public and improves the firm’s public image, adds value to the firm. The skill set that is required to field public inquires or to launch public image improvement initiatives is not common, so even if you only got your previous firms to sponsor a local marathon run, list it as an attempted to add value to the firm through improved public image.   

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