Friday, July 9, 2010

Consistent Resume Design part 2

Let us examine the principle of consistency in resume design with a before and after.


 Notice in this resume the inconsistent bullet styles, usage of white space and italicizing. The inconsistencies in this resume create a sense of disjointedness and overall lacks any visual appeal. Notice that this resume tries to convey a lot of information, so the usage of white space becomes especially important. I'm sure we have been to forums where somebody posts a lengthy message with out using adequate spacing; these messages are usually met with a wince and the comment "wall of text". Proper and uniform spacing is much more inviting to the eyes and encourages easy reading. 


Now notice in this resume the uniform usage of bullets and the elimination of italicized words creates a cleaner and much more visually appealing resume. Adequate and uniform spacing is use throughout this resume, so it is much easier to read. When your resume has a lot of information , remember to address the issue of readability with proper and uniform spacing.

Note: The resume examples above is from Resume Magic by Susan Whitcomb, a book that I personally use for learning tips and tricks for improving my own resume. The book is chalk full of useful information and is highly recommended. 

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