Monday, July 12, 2010

Resume Letterheads

You don’t want your perspective employer to scour your entire resume in order to find information on how to contact you for a job interview. Make it easy for your employers to find your contact information, create a letter head. A letter head contains all your contact information in an easy to read and locate block. It would contain your name, phone number, email and your mailing address. Creating a letterhead for your resume will allow employers to easily locate all your contact information that he/she needs to contact you.

While email is quickly becoming the standard way that employers contact perspective job applicants, the telephone is probably the most common point of contact. Include your cell phone number, home phone number and voice mail. Voice mail is common in many telephone packages and if you don’t have voice mail, seriously consider getting it, because there are many scenarios when picking up a phone call may be inappropriate. Don’t bank on the fact employers will give you a second chance and call back .Create a classy voice mail message, avoid novelty voice mail messages as it may project the wrong image to your employer.  

Having an email address in the modern economy is a must, because it’s the preferred mode of communication for many firms. Most email addresses are free so there is no excuse for not having one. You may want to create a new email address just for you professional life. The benefit of doing so is that you can have a professional email address, instead of your default address that you circulate in your social life. Simply using your first and last name will be more than sufficient. Avoid the use of your current employers email address.

By including all commonly use contact points in an easy to read block, you are making it easy for employers to contact you. Easy is the key word, if an employer prefers to use email and you don’t include your email address, most employers will simply pass on you instead of going out of their way to contact you.  Letterheads may seem trivial, but tackling the fundamentals will serve us better then deploying many fancy tricks in creating a successful resume. 

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