Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Your Resume is Printed On

Your resume is something that you put a lot of time on (hopefully), it’s something that you carefully plan, edited, and tortured over. Most people put most of their time on the content and the visual appeal of their resume, and rightful so, those areas are critical for a successful resume. But, what most people neglect is the paper their precious resume is printed on. Use a cheap paper stock and it can give your resume an unimportant feeling, something that can be abused or neglected.

On the other hand, if you use high quality paper it can give your resume a feeling of importance, something to be read with care. By printing your resume on high quality paper stock, it signals to the hiring firm that you are serious about this job position and that you are a detailed oriented person .High quality paper stock will make your resume stand out from the crowd, since most people just use average/low grade paper stock to print their resume. Don’t scrimp on the few extra pennies per page, you put a lot of effort in your resume, give your resume the best chance to wow your employer.

When it comes to the color and style of the paper, it’s best to stick with a no frills approach. White or egg shell white is recommended for most resumes and try to avoid themed paper, like paper designed to look like wood. Also, try to use a decent printer to ensure a clean and readable resume.

Talking about paper may seem like a trivial matter, but remember anything that helps your resume stand out from the masses is worth at least some attention. You can spend many years developing the experience and education necessary to compete in the modern economy and many hours crafting the perfect resume, why not spend a few minutes to consider the paper your resume is printed on?

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