Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creating a Cultural Specific Resume

Globalization has created a smaller world and many job seekers are seeking job opportunities outside of their country, but if you don’t adapt your resume to your target foreign country, it can spell disaster for your overseas career. When you are spell checking your resume, consider the fact that different countries have different ways of spelling the same English word. For example, Canadians spells it colour, while Americans spell it color. Both are correct, but if you are applying for a job in Canada, colour is the correct spelling.

Also consider if the words that you are using in your resume have the same meaning in the foreign country you are targeting. Say Football to an American and they will be thinking about the Super Bowl, say Football to the rest of the world and they will be thinking about where the next World Cup will be hosted. You don’t want your resume lost in translation. If you have a contact in the foreign country you are targeting, have them read your resume over to make sure your resume is easily understandable and culturally relevant. 

Football ? or Football ?

Each country will have their own colloquialisms and slangs, so make an effort to have somebody in the foreign country targeting read over your resume. Just think of all the sexual slang and colloquialisms that exist in North American culture, but that would be oblivious to a foreigner. Don’t ruin your first impression with potential employers, double check your resume with a local.

Make sure that your previous work experience is easily understood by your foreign employers. Different countries may have different job titles for the job positions that you previously had. You may want to list the responsibilities and the importance of your previous job to give foreign employers a better idea of your work experience.

Team based working environment is common in modern companies, so foreign companies will be examining if you can fit in and adapt to their foreign employees. By creating a cultural sensitive resume, you will show foreign employers that you have done your homework and are willing to adapt to the new working enviroment, this will give you a leg up when you’re looking for international opportunities .

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