Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logos in Resumes

Humans are visual creatures, so adding a small, tasteful logo will draw the interest of your employer and encourage them to read on. When considering what type of logo or small graphics to incorporate into your resume, think what type of images are synonymous with your industry. For teachers it maybe an image of a book, for scientist it maybe an image of a beaker. Try to choose classy images and stay away from images that are too bold or big, it will distract readers from the content of your resume.

If you are part of a trade organization or have a certain professional designation, consider using their logos to add professionalism to your resume. Using a trade organization logo will show employers that you are in the loop for your industry. Professional designation logos will reinforce your competencies in employer’s minds. Make sure you have permission and that you are actually part of the trade organization or have the professional designation which your logo comes from. Lies will always come back to haunt you.

If you are not part of a trade organization or do not possess a professional designation, then you may want to choose a small graphical image to increase the visual appeal of your resume. A small graphical image can add flair to your resume if done correctly. Choose a tasteful image that does not invite controversy. Remember, graphics in a resume are meant to enhance your resume, they are not meant to be the main focal point of your resume. Choose an image that is understated and relevant to your industry.

Logos and small graphical images can help your resume stand out from most resumes, since most resumes are text only. Choose carefully and you will be rewarded with a visually striking resume.   

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